About Us!

Welcome to Homegrown Marketplace! We are the Robeson’s: Ryan, Mary-Christine, Lucia, and Arianna Jude! We also have two crazy dogs, Culper and Radar. Here’s a little bit of our story.

It’s the classic love story; a guy and a girl lock eyes at a bar, its love at first sight and they lived happily ever after! Well, not quite. We met back in 2013 and briefly dated before parting ways and losing touch for 4 years. As you can see, we eventually made our way back to each other in May 2017. We were married in September 2018 and that’s when the real fun began!

Ryan is originally from Scranton PA and Mary-Christine is from Frederick MD. Since we got married, we have lived in both places before settling in the middle of our two hometowns in Dover PA. Ryan began his career with the York City Fire Department in January 2019; Mary-Christine is currently a stay at home mom and primary educator for our children.

We are a family who likes to do things a little untraditionally. Personal time is number one priority within our family on a daily basis. You won’t find any tv shows or netflix on a normal day in our house; screen time is limited (especially for the little ones) and reading is encouraged. We love eating and experimenting with all different types of foods and recipes, so if you have a delicious favorite of yours, please share it with us!

We hope, in the near future, to have our own homestead and farm to be able to provide you with our own products! We love supporting other small, local businesses in the York Area which is where most of our products come from. We believe these local vendors provide a much higher quality and healthier option that most mass produced products!

We are always pushing each other to be better mentally, physically and spiritually and always bouncing ideas off each other in how to mold and grow Homegrown Marketplace and how to give back to our community. As we grow, we hope to start a charity to compliment what we do and serve those in need in whatever way we can.

Our Logo is important to us because it is a representation of not only our business, but also our family. It is simple, organic and, at it’s center, is our faith. The way that the wheat intersects with the sword creates the Chi Rho, a catholic symbol representing the first two letters of Jesus’ name in Greek. Our faith is the most important thing to us and in our decision making for our family and business. We hope to continually put our beliefs into serving our customers and our community.

From our family, we would like to sincerely thank you for getting to know us and supporting our business!